People affected by cancer – both patients and their families – face a host of challenges. At Mount Sinai, our goal is to provide not only the most sophisticated medical expertise, but also to care for the whole person. This focus on total care means offering an array of multidisciplinary resources integrated into the Cancer Center – an approach that is unique in the region. We offer support services and counseling, including nutritional counseling, psychosocial services, pain management, patient resource center and support groups. These resources are under one roof and work in collaboration with each other and with our oncologists. If a patient is anxious about a chemotherapy treatment or claustrophobic during a scan, a counselor from our Oncology Supportive Care Services Department can accompany them. If a patient wants information about how to eat nutritiously while undergoing chemotherapy, our on-staff dietitians can offer advice. We realize that cancer is a devastating disease, and we understand the importance of treating and supporting the whole person and their families during this difficult time.

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